Thursday, April 12, 2012

We left the Castle & rushed over to the money exchange & converted our $$'s to ££'s - uuugh! that hurt!    .63 Pounds per $1   OR   $1.60 to buy  £1.  
We caught the bus back to our hotel & checked out about 12:30pm.  Threw our luggage into the 'Boot' of our car & headed to Pitlochry.  Because of our schedule delay out of Dallas we had to skip stopping at The Hermitage.
Typical RoadSide Scenery

We traveled the main (Interstate type) 4 lane highway, by the time it changed to 2 lanes I was use to driving on the 'correct side of the road'.

We arrived at The Dalshian B&B near Pitlocry about 4:30pm
We checked in & was welcomed by Heather & Mark to a really nice B&B.  

The Dashian

Young Love

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